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About Us

The Autism Support Center of Southwest Michigan:

Connecting all individuals impacted by autism to their community through support, education, and awareness.

Our number one goal has always been to support and educate families from diagnosis to adulthood. We want to answer the question that families ask throughout their child's life, "What do we do now?" By providing resources, support groups, and tailored family activities for over 10 years, The Autism Support Center aims to educate and provide for families that need it most.


As the Autism Support Center grows, we aim to reach out to the community of Southwest Michigan to spread awareness and inspire acceptance. We provide educational opportunities to businesses, public safety, schools, and other institutions so they can better understand and interact with fellow citizens of the community that have autism. As well as supporting families and individuals, we want to make our world a friendly and fun place to live for everyone!

What Services Does the Autism Support Center Offer?

  • Support group meetings with knowledgable speakers

  • Collaborative functions with local organizations

  • Host "Family Fun Events" around Southwest Michigan

  • Provide educational workshops

  • Local resources for treatment of autism

  • Fun and family-friendly fundraisers to support our organization

  • Up-to-date information on autism

Executive Board

Katrina Wood



- Mother of an adult son with autism 
- Served as a member of the organization for 13 years

Contact Trina at:


Melody Janetzke



- Someone with autism loves me!

- Served as a member of the organization for over 5 years

Contact Melody at:


Kelsey Wood

Vice President


- Sister of an adult with autism

- Member of the organization for 5 years

- Website manager

Contact Kelsey at:


Zach Dugger

Board Member

Contact Zach at:


Kelly Garner

Board Member

Contact Kelly at:


Interested in becoming a board member? Email for more information today!

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